tovolt Blog application for node.js and express.js. A WordPress alternative for node.js.


We love WordPress as much as you do but we are big fan of node.js too. So, we thought to bake an application for node.js with express.js which let you make a site like WordPress in simple steps. All of our developers and contributors have WordPress background, so we properly understand the requirements for migrating to node.js

WordPress inspired UI

Most of UI is inspired by WordPress for the cause of simplicity

Admin dashboard

Easily manage your blog from backend dashboard as we do in WordPress

Easy to install

Automated installation guide and setup to quickly start


Using non-relation database, read more about MongoDB

User authentication

Powerful user authentication system including oAuth integration

User management

User management and user profile system

Custom post types

You can add your own custom post types and configure your options


Create pages as easily as you were doing in WordPress.


Create blog posts easily from backend or frontend.

Custom taxonomies

You can add your own custom taxonomies and configure your options


Tags for tagging your post

TinyMCE editor

Edit your posts seamlessly and relatime using TinyMCE


Comments system for posts and CPT, or customize to use 3rd part services


Easily manage and upload media attachments in posts


Simple navigation and menu system like WordPress

What next?

Tovolt is in alpha stage and its being tested by us for security and bugs. After completing beta testing we will make our code public (GNU GPL3+). Enter your email to get notified when we release tovolt.